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Managing Your Account & Users


Pixelart CMS is ideal for managing Screen Networks in a team. Team members can all have centralised access to the account to simultaneously manage and monitor the network from anywhere, at anytime. In this article we will show you how to add/remove team members to/from your account and how to manage your account settings.

First, to access your account settings click on the in the top right hand corner. You will then see a list of four tabs as you see below:


In the settings tab, you can update your personal information such as your name and position in your Company. You can also update your password or Company address here.


You can invite new users to your account by clicking the button and entering their email address in the invite user field.

Once you invite a new user, they will receive an email invitation; as soon as the invitation is accepted, new user will be moved to the existing Users table.

You can cancel an invitation anytime before it is accepted by clicking the in the Invited Users table; you can also remove the existing users from the Users table the same way.

You can add two types of users:

Manager: Can add new users

Member: Cannot add new users

You can edit user’s roles at anytime here too by using the switch:

Note: We are rolling out more user privileges in the near future to give you greater control of your team.


You can view all your Players/Screens here. For more information on how to manage them view our Screen Settings Management guide.

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