Screen Network Monitoring

Troubleshoot Your Network Health


Pixelart gives you a real time overview of all the screens in your network. In this article we will give you tips and suggestions on how to ensure your screen network is kept healthy and how to detect and resolve any performance anomalies within minutes.

Monitoring your network is one thing, but it does not simply end there. With Pixelart CMS we have a monitor, notify and heal process in place. So that once the system has notified you of an issue that requires attention we can work on diagnosing and fixing the root cause of the problem. Below we have outlined common issues and their root causes so you can resolve problems with your network more quickly and efficiently.

Non-registering Screen

When you add a new Screen to a Group you might notice grey line with a non responding card like below. If this persists for too long it means that either your Media Player is having trouble connecting to the internet or you may have entered the wrong details, such as in incorrect: IP, port, or password. Equally, you may have incorrectly entered token into your device, as applicable.

Note: Registering certain Players, such as IAdea Players, is more advanced than some other models; it requires an open globally accessible IP address and as a result can cause connection issues for some users. Please follow the IAdea Player instructions in our guide if you are unsure.

Screen Online Status Monitoring

When you are managing a large Screen Network, making sure they are all connected to the internet at all times can be a real challenge. Our Screens page allows you to understand what is going on at a glance with complete ease:

Screen Status Bar:

-Green Pulsing Line: Screen is Online

-Grey Line: This means the Screen has been offline for less than 24 hours

-Red Line: This requires an urgent attention: the screen has been offline for more than 24 hours

The offline Screen Card also shows how long a Screen has been offline. First you should check your Player internet connection and try to fix the connection as soon as possible. If you have a problem in the area and can’t fix it don’t worry, your updates will sync as soon as your connection returns. However in the meantime the offline Player will not be able to receive any updates from the CMS, such as a new Campaign.

As Pixelart supports offline playback, most of your Ads will not be affected, however, some Apps do require internet to display the correct information. These Apps will have have a small internet Icon in the bottom right corner like this:

Note: If you require a notification or email when a Screen goes offline please contact us and we will activate this feature in your account.

Playback Monitoring

This feature allows you to check that the Player is playing what it is supposed to. Simply open the Monitoring Page to see playback screenshots of all your Screens, these are taken every 5 seconds so are always up to date. You can filter Screens using the Group Tab or by the field on this page.

Note: If the screens are off or the Player is disconnected from the Screen the screenshots will not match what’s actually on the Screen as it will show the last actual screenshot taken.

Play Count

You can also make sure that your Campaign is playing by checking the total Play Count across all screens in Campaigns page and individual screen Play Count in Screen Settings.

Player Performance Monitoring

You might also need to monitor the performance of your Media Player. To do so you need to first open the Screen Settings and then click on to display the current Network Info, Hardware Info and Performance Metrics.

Connection Information

This section shows how your Player is connected to the internet. So if it’s via WiFi then the IP will be displayed, but if it’s via Ethernet Cable then the Ethernet IP will be displayed.

Performance Metrics

A Media Player is like a small computer, you can monitor the Players Hard Disk Storage, Memory and CPU Usage. Watch out for the red indicators which show that your Player is in a critical condition.