Screen Settings Management

Full Control Over Your Media Players


With Pixelart CMS you can manage your Screens as a group or individually. We give you full control over your network from anywhere, at anytime. In this guide, we outline how to manage and monitor your network.

You can navigate to an individual Screen Settings page either in Screens, Monitoring or from Accounts page.

In Screen Settings will see a few sections which we have outlined below:

Note: You can also control your physical Screen using Pixelart CMS, meaning you can turn on/off the Screen remotely, and a host of other features, please get in touch and we will enable this feature to your account.

Playback Monitoring

The first thing you will see on the Screen Settings page is the playback monitoring feature which displays live screenshots of your Screens display, so long as the Media Player is online. When it is offline you will see a default image as outlined below:

Online: If the Player is online you should see something like this:

Offline: If the Player is offline you will see a default placeholder image like the below:

On the right hand side, you will see a panel with the various editable Player Settings. Each Player has unique settings so please select your Player model below to view the corresponding settings guide: