Create stunning in store promotions that are easy to update

Pixelart is perfect for Retail! Create beautiful displays in your store to promote sales, upsell, help with wayfinding, and enhance your customers overall shopping experience.
Going digital means your store can be more reactive to seasons, events, weather and trends. With the ever growing success of online retail, it is more essential than ever to create unique, omnichannel in-store experiences. With Digital Signage you can connect the online and in-store worlds via your screens to design unforgettable and pleasurable visits for your customers.

Perfect for Your Industry

Increase sales

Promote seasonal sales, discounts and upsell products throughout the store or even at the till as a last point of contact to engage your customers

Engage with customers

Drive traffic to your Social Media accounts and promote your hashtags with our integrated apps for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

Stay up-to-date

Schedule Campaigns days, weeks and even months in advance to ensure your displays are relevant and your promotions are always delivered right on time

Easily scalable

Manage your screen network across multiple stores centrally, add multiple user account with custom controls so each store can look after their screens individually too

We are made for each other ❤️

We have crafted a carefully curated selection of apps that we feel are perfect for your industry. They are all ready to go and waiting in our easy to use CMS. Best of all, most of them are completely free!
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