It's time to bring your marketing game to the 21st Century!

With Pixelart, running to all your different branches to change content on your screens is a thing of the past!
All the limitations of printed posters are impossible to list here. Vice versa, the endless opportunities with going digital are just as many. With Pixelart the transition will be as smooth as silk.

You already have the content ready for print, so you're halfway there before we begin. With Pixelart you can simply use your existing designs on your computer, but instead of pressing print (or even worse having to send them for print) you just have to hit the publish button and your content will display straight to your screen!

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Here to solve your problems

Edit and change

With a digital poster being so easy to edit and update in real time, never worry about print mistakes ever again.

Improved accuracy

Created truly targeted content by displaying the right content, at the right time, to the right people.

Display your profile

Keep your screens up to date and promote your profile by displaying the latest content from your Social Media accounts

Schedule your success

Schedule Campaigns days, weeks, and even months in advance to ensure your displays are relevant and your promotions are always delivered right on time

You're almost there!

It’s not as hard as you think. Since you already have your content ready for print, you might as well publish it to a screen instead. Apart from a screen (a normal tv is fine!), the only thing you need is to invest in is a player and make sure you have internet at your location. Just three ingredients: Media Player + Internet Connection + Pixelart CMS!

We’re happy to consult you around your specific project for free. Remember that we don’t sell the hardware ourselves, and won’t make any money from it. All we’re aiming for is a happy customer using our software.
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  • Amazon Fire TV Stick

    Amazon Fire TV Stick is a very powerful yet affordable solution. It looks like an oversized USB stick, and easily connects to the HDMI port on your screen. A very good player for anyone new to Digital Signage.
  • Android TV Player

    The Android Players comes in many shapes and forms. They range from some small sticks to more powerfull 4k boxes. What they all have in common is that they run on Android OS. This is an affordable and reliable solution but still very easy to set up.
  • IAdea MBR-1100

    These entry-level professional grade Media Players by IAdea are one of our all-time favourites. They are affordable but powerful, making them ideal for businesses new to Digital Signage. MBR-1100 players are fully integrated with Pixelart CMS, providing you with the ability to build not only small but large scale reliable Digital Signage networks
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick Beginner
  • Android TV Player Intermediate
  • IAdea MBR-1100 Advanced