How COVID-19 Is Changing the Future of Digital Signage

How COVID-19 Is Changing the Future of Digital Signage

As digital signage technology is bending to meet demands under the Covid regime, we take a look at how the virus is changing the industry and shaping its future.

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Remote Work: How To Do It Right & How It Can Enrich Your Organization

Remote Work: How To Do It Right & How It Can Enrich Your Organization

Remote work is both a challenge and an opportunity. Here are some tips and tools for doing it well, as well as a word on how it might illuminate the resiliency of your organization.

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Coping With Quarantine: Pixelart's Stay Inside Guide

Coping With Quarantine: Pixelart's Stay Inside Guide

While COVID-19 affects us all differently, we are united in one thing: being stuck inside. We're offering some tips for not getting too down during lockdown, plus showing you where to find out what we're doing to keep positive (spoiler: it's Instagram)

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Quotes app for Digital Signage

Quotes App Guide

Share a word of encouragement or wisdom with your team, students, or customers! Find a quote that resonates and publish it to your screen for an instant dose of motivation or positivity.

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Google Calendar app for Digital Signage

Google Calendar App Guide

Stop sending event reminders that get buried in crowded email inboxes. Put your calendar up on screen so your team, students, and visiting customers & clients can find out what's going on without having to go their inbox.

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Pixelart & COVID-19: How We're Helping Our Affected User Community

Pixelart & COVID-19: How We're Helping Our Affected User Community

As COVID-19 continues to spread, Pixelart is doing our part to help: credit for affected customers, continued service and support, free downloadable public health awareness materials for Digital Signage, and free CMS use for hospitals.

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Coronavirus PSAs For Digital Signage

Digital Signage in the Age of COVID-19

With public fears about Coronavirus hitting an all-time high, we're sharing our tips for how you can hack your screens to broadcast important public health PSA's to your audience!

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DSE 2020 Guide

Headed To DSE 2020?

With DSE 2020 fast approaching, we’re sharing our advice for how to make the most out of your time at the show!

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Transit app for Digital Signage and DOOH

Transit App Guide

Use your screen to update your students, employees, visitors and more on where to catch their next ride! Display arrival schedules near your location for local buses, metros, trams, trains, and more!

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Worldclock/timezone app for Digital Signage and DOOH

World Clock App Guide

See the time in multiple cities across the world, all at once! Customize your world clock dashboard with a host of settings choices, and add your own images!

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Digital Menu Item App For Digital Signage

Digital Menu Item App Guide

Create a digital menu for your restaurant in just minutes! Use your own images and customize menu items exactly how you want without any design experience necessary!

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Pixelart 2019 Wrap Up

Year End Wrap Up - The Best Of Pixelart in 2019

Pixelart had a big year! Read along as we wrap up all the amazing changes we brought to our product in 2019.

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World Weather App For Digital Signage

World Weather App Guide

Display the weather from anywhere in the world. Create your own weather dashboard displaying the weather from many locations simultaneously.

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A new feature to help with Digital Signage Content

A new feature to help create Digital Signage Content

In our newly improved version we have made it easier than ever to create content. It’s now possible to split your screen into 3 or more equal parts, which enables you to perfectly align any media!

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Asus Chromebit for Digital Signage

How to add Google Chromebit to Pixelart Digital Signage CMS

The Chromebit has rapidly grown in popularity, and there's no wonder this affordable mini-PC is the preferred choice for many Digital Signages. Here’s how to get started...

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Asus Chromebit integration with Pixelart Digital Signage

The Pixelart App for Chrome OS & Chromebit is here!

We've got very good news for you; our new Chrome OS app is now live on the Chrome Web Store. The reasons to use Pixelart Digital Signage keep on piling up!

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Scheduling Overview feature for digital signage CMS

Schedule Overview Guide

We're very happy to release our brand new feature which allows you the not only overview, but also edit campaign schedules in the same screen group. Never worry about campaign syncing and scheduling confusion again!

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Team functionality for digital signage CMS

Team Functionality Guide

The all-new team functionality feature is here at last! You requested it, so we made it happen. Control your organisation with complete ease by setting access levels and creating teams so only the right people from your company can access certain content and screens.

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Countdown app for Digital Signage

Countdown App Guide

Hype up product releases and ensure your team meets your deadlines with our eye-catching, customisable Countdown App.

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Google Drive for Digital Signage and DOOH

Google Drive App Guide

Google Drive is your ultimate friend if you want to display images, videos and entire folders on your screens.

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Upgrade from USB to Pixelart Digital Signage CMS

Why You Should STOP Using USB For Digital Signage

As the popularity of Digital Signage continues to grow, more businesses are trying to get on board with cheap DIY solutions

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PosterMyWall app launched on Pixelart CMS

App Launch: Create Stunning Visuals with PosterMyWall

The perfect app crafted for all the markerters out there to ease workload and speed up delivery.

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PosterMyWall poster and menu creator for Digital Signage

PosterMyWall App Guide

PosterMyWall allows you to design professional graphics without any prior knowledge needed - customize their ready-made templates with your own text and images, and you're good to go!

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Klipfolio dashboard app for Digital Signage

Klipfolio App Guide

With beautiful dashboards driven by real time data, boring spreadsheets and outdated graphs are now the past. Klipfolio allows you do display KPIs and other metrics in an engaging way to drive performance.

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Google Slides app for Digital Signage

Google Slides App Guide

Google Slides lets you streamline they way you publish images. Add images, publish campaigns and update content in real time!

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Calendar app for Digital Signage

Calendar App Guide

With the calender app you don't have to worry about not being up to date. With diffrent color templates to choose from, there's a calender for every occation!

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Dropbox for Digital Signage

Dropbox App Guide

With the Dropbox App, you have all your content at your fingertips. Without having to upload single files to our software, Dropbox App enables you to pick your files straight from our software.

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Google Sheets app for Digital Signage

Google Sheets App Guide

Google Sheets will help you show your latest spreadsheets and graphps with no hassle! Sign in, choose, publish!

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Timezone App Guide

Display your international team from different timezones on your office screens. No risk of calling a team member in the middle of the night again!

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Live video/tv streaming app for Digital Signage

Video Stream App Guide

Statistically speaking, bars, pubs, and restaurants experience the highest footfall during popular sporting events. That’s why we built the Pixelart Video Streaming App, to allow you to mix any external video.

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Twitter Feed app for Digital Signage

Twitter Feed App Guide

Why don’t you get the most out of your Twitter Business account and publish your feed to your screen using our digital signage software Twitter Feed app

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Facebook app for Digital Signage

Facebook Post App Guide

Take your screen network into the 21st century by engaging your audience with social media using our Facebook Post app

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Trello public roadmap for Pixelart Digital Signage CMS

Our New Public Pixelart Roadmap

We published our plans and wait for you feedback!

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IAdea and Pixelart announces partnership

Announcing a new partnership with IAdea has teamed up with IAdea to provide a seamless digital signage experience. We support wide variety of their players, including HDMI-in feature!

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Install Amazon Fire TV Stick for Digital Signage

How to add Amazon Fire TV Media Player to Pixelart Digital Signage CMS

Amazon Fire TV devices are our favorite for digital signage: It’s perfect for small businesses with small budget. Affordable players.

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Install Android TV Box Player for digital signage

How to add Android Media Player to Pixelart Digital Signage CMS

Integrating a media player that runs an Android is very simple. You can manage it and push your content from our cloud CMS.

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Chrome Extension for Pixelart Digital Signage CMS

How to add Chrome Browser Player to Pixelart Digital Signage CMS

It’s extremely easy to set up. If you don't have a designated media player and still want to set up a digital signage from your personal computer or a laptop.

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Install Brightsign for easy integration with Pixelart Digital Signage CMS

How to add BrightSign Media Player to Pixelart Digital Signage CMS

We support Brightsign players: reliable, affordable and an extremely robust operating system.

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Pixelart offers easy integration with IAdea

How to add IAdea Media Player to Pixelart Digital Signage CMS

All IAdea media Players are professional grade players that can be integrated with Pixelart directly. Manage your screens from the cloud.

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GDPR rules for Pixelart Digital Signage CMS

Pixelart General Data Protection Regulation

We have a strict internal Security Policy at Pixelart, which everyone who works for the company has to adhere to at all times.

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Native vs. HTML5 Video Playback for DOOH

Native vs. HTML5 Video Playback

When using Pixelart Android Player you are given a choice in the Player settings: whether to use “Native“ or “HTML5” video playback

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10 reasons to switch to digital signage

Top 10 Reasons To Switch To Digital

It's a cheap and scalable way to send your message. Use our cloud based digital signage to talk to your customers or colleagues.

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Metrics for digital signage

Digital Signage Industry: The Metrics

Digital Signage is fast becoming an essential technology for brick-and-mortar stores in the ever changing retail industry

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